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Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave Oven is mainly used for heating food and meal.

(1)Quick.It is only need 1.5-2minutes to heat food well.
(2)Heating evenly.
Regardless of how each part of the object shape microwave heating can make objects in the list at the same time even penetrate electromagnetic waves and generate heat. So it heats evenlycoke endogenous phenomenon will not occur.
(3)Energy-saving and higly-effecient.
Since the material containing water is easy to absorb the microwave to generate heat the loss of heat is small. So it is efficient and energe-saving. It can save energy over 1\3 compared with infrared heating.
(4)Advanced technology easy to control.
(5)Control microwave power and you can realized  heating and terminating immediately

Model HT-MO24
Power 24KW
Microwave leakage ≤5mw/cm2
Frequency 2450±50MH
Voltage 380V



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