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Design Structure
1.All parts of equipment are made of high quality microwave electric components. It uses 10 Samsung magnetron (1000W), because of the use of the magnetron alumina ceramic seal nozzle, its high temperature, high efficiency, anti-load capacity, long life , stable and reliable operation. Using a special transformer with thermal protection DY-1000W (high voltage 100KV high quality transformer), air-cooled double thermal protection device! Configuring resistant 100KV high-voltage capacitors and silicon stack combo and highly reliable high-precision electronic circuit design system ensures that the aircraft above the microwave output power of 4.8KW (adjustable). All electrical and electronic parts and mechanical process debugging reliable, accurate and reasonable! Ensures that the set continuous production!

2. Equipment adopts the cylindrical heating cavity body, which is made of 3 ㎜ 310S # stainless steel plate,ensure to bear pressure, can be uses for a long time without deformation. The phase complementary form microwave energy supply with elaborate design, ensure the normal operation of magnetron completely, with superior output matching performance, prolong service life. 

3.The whole design and manufacturing process seeks beautiful and practical and reasonable.
It is designed total control panel on the front of the device, control panel design scram time control system, the current instruction, microwave buttons and other functions.

Major Dispositions
1)The equipment are made of 310S # stainless steel.

2)10 pieces of magnetrons, which are original Korea Samsung.

3)10 pieces of Zhongshan Deja microwave dedicated transformer (DY-36)

4)10 Taiwan Sunon Axial Fan (DP200A)

5)10 pieces of high voltage silicon rectifier stack (its chip is made in Japan) (CL04-12), produced by Taiwan Factory Long Technology Co.,LTD

Voltage Microwave Output Power Microwave Working Frequency
Overall Dimension
CNWB—10SJ 380V±10%
≥10KW 2450MHZ±50HZ



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