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Design Structure
1)It use 2 pieces of air cooled magnetrons which is original Korea Samsung [model OM75P  (rated power 1050 w), high efficiency, strong ability to resist load, long life (more than 7000 hours).In order to protect the stability and service life of the magnetron better, use air cooling protection design of metal ring sleeve type.

2. Equipment adopts the cylindrical heating cavity body, which is made of 3 ㎜ 304 # stainless steel plate,ensure to bear pressure, can be uses for a long time without deformation. The phase complementary form microwave energy supply with elaborate design, ensure the normal operation of magnetron completely, with superior output matching performance, prolong service life. 

3. Frame and the outer guard plate are made of Stainless Steel.

The Control System
The machine is equipped with separate total control console.

Voltage Microwave Output Power Input Power
Microwave Working Frequency
Overall Dimension
≥1.6KW ≤2.2 KW
750*650*1450mm 3kg



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