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Dried Fruit in Microwave

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Dried fruit has become a kind of popular snack. Some people think that fruit dry lacks of vitamin. In fact, the idea is one-sided. Dried fruit is not only rich in dietary fiber, but also is easy to digest. The most important advantage is the convenience to carry. It is a kind of snack for all ages.

Dried fruits are not only snacks, but also a kind of accessary food. The most famous fruit cereal is Calbee fruit cereal in Japan, it contains a lot of dried fruits. A cup of fragrant fruit cereal can meet your taste, and supply a variety of nutrients. Many young people have also found new methods of eating dried fruits. Such as add dried fruit to yogurt, which neutralizes the dried fruit's sweetness and yogurt's acidity. If we add a small amount of dried fruit to dessert, dessert will be more flavored.

The dried fruit is more and more popular all over the world, such as dried durian, dried strawberry and dried pineapple. In the face of the large demand, Many merchants begin to buy the vacuum microwave dryer. The vacuum microwave dryer is very suitable for the mass production of dried fruits.

Microwave vacuum dryer has great potential in the dehydration of fruits and vegetables. The cost of freezing and drying is very high, which causes the large water content of fruits and vegetables. Many studies have shown that microwave vacuum drying of fruits and vegetables products, its color and flavor are very close to freeze-dried. Although there is a certain gap between microwave drying and freeze-drying, the time and cost can be greatly reduced. The Professors in University of California use microwave vacuum drying technology to produce dehydrated grapes. The result shown that microwave vacuum drying can keep aroma and color of fresh grapes.

In 2000, China's microwave vacuum drying technology is from the experimental stage into the industrial production stage. Microwave vacuum drying equipment provides a new and efficient method for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products.