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Application of Microwave in Extraction of Tea

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The extracted tea is made from tea or semi-finished products. People use hot water to extract soluble materials from tea, and filter the tea residue to obtain tea juice. Some teas are condensed, dried and made into solid or liquid tea. They are all called the extracted tea.

Processing of tea soft drink cannot be separated from the extraction process. At present, the conventional method of extracting tea is to use boiling water or microwave. The development of microwave extraction technology is expected to be very rapid.

In 1995, Chinese companies began to develop industrial microwave extraction technology. Microwave extraction of tea has many characteristics. Like fast extraction speed, short time (shortened by 1/3 than conventional method) and high extraction rate.

The steps of microwave extraction of tea:
1.Placing a ration of tea in the microwave extractor.
2. Add the right amount of water.
3. Control the equipment to the required temperature and time.
4. Start heating extraction.
5. Filter to get tea juice.