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Drying Ceramic Honeycomb with Microwave

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Honeycomb ceramic is a type of functional porous material. In the 1970s, Corning company began to produce honeycomb ceramics.

Compared with the traditional granular ceramic carrier, porous honeycomb ceramic carrier has many advantages. Like the geometry surface is big, the extension distance is short. These facilitate the entry and release of the reactants.

Therefore, honeycomb ceramic is especially suitable for the treatment of automobile exhaust gas, the purification of flue gas and the application of infrared radiant burning plate.

Microwave is a penetrating electromagnetic wave. At present, microwave drying technology has been widely used in various industrial fields. It has been applied in ceramics and concrete.

Because of the poor thermal conductivity of honeycomb ceramic, the drying process requires very strictness. If the drying process is not well controlled, honeycomb ceramic will deformation.

At present, the drying methods of honeycomb ceramics are natural drying method, steam drying method, microwave drying method and so on. Microwave drying solves the problem of easy cracking of billet after drying.