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The Benefits of Dried Fruit

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Many people think that nutritional value of dried fruit is low, it is just a kind of snack. This thought is wrong, the dried fruit is not only rich in dietary fiber, but also easy to digest. Dried fruit is as alible as fresh fruit. The most important advantage is that the dried fruit is easy to carry and keep.

Here are some benefits about dried fruit!

1. Peel fibers are not wasted

When eating fresh fruit, we tend to throw up fruit skins. In fact, the fruit peel contains the highest dietary fiber. After drying, the dietary fiber will be preserved completely. Because the whole fruit can only be eaten with the skin, cellulose is not wasted.

2. Dried fruit is easy to digest

Fresh fruits contains more active protease and tannin. Tannin has strong antioxidant, they are very fierce damage to the digestive tract mucosa for people who dyspepsia, .
Once the fresh fruit is dried, the stimulation of the digestive tract will be greatly reduced.

3. Dried fruit has higher mineral content than fresh fruit

The dried fruit retains all the mineral ingredients. The minerals in the dried fruit are enriched by the loss of water, which is higher than the fresh fruit. Therefore, all kinds of fruit is a good source of potassium elements.

4. Dried fruits has antioxidant substances

The dried fruit retains most of the antioxidant content.

5. Easy to carry and save fruit

Fruit is easy to carry and save, it is a quality snack.

Microwave vacuum dryer can help you to make delicious dried fruits.