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The Famous Tea in the World

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Each kind of tea has unique features. This article will introduce some famous tea origin.

1. India
(1) Darjeeling black tea
Darjeeling black tea is great for drinking in the afternoon.
(2) Ceylon Highland Black Tea
(3) Assam black tea

2. Kenya
Tea is Kenya's largest export commodity. It is bringing about $600 million in export earnings to Kenya each year. The tea industry has provided employment opportunities for 500,000 people, and jobs for 2.5 million people in related industries.

3. Japan
Japanese tea is almost green tea. According to different grades, it could be divided into the Jade Dew, matcha, fried tea, baking tea, Genmaicha.

4. Vietnam
Now, Vietnam has 600 tea production and trading companies, including 234 exporters.

5. China
China is a big country of tea.
(1) West Lake Longjing Tea
(2) The dongting Biluochun
This kind of tea is famous in China. It mainly be used as the gift.
(3) Lushan fragrant
(4) Xinyang Maojian
(5) Anxi Tieguanyin
In recent years, Tieguanyin is more and more popular in Japan and Southeast Asia.
(6) Qimen black tea
(7) Ginseng oolong
(8) Kongfu black tea

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