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Tea Culture in the World

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Different countries have different tea culture. 

1. Sri Lanka: Residents of Sri Lanka is fond of drinking strong tea and bitter tea. Sri Lanka's black tea is sold all over the world. The capital Colombo has many trading companies of tea.

2. Britain: British enjoys beverages. Tea can be called the British national drink. Many Britons love brewed strong tea, and put sugar and milk.

3. Thailand: Thai people love to put ice into tea, cooling or even freezing it. This is iced tea. In Thailand, local drinkers do not drink hot tea.

4. Mongolia: Mongolian people love to drink brick tea. They crushed the brick tea into a mortar, added water to the pot and boiled it, then added milk.

5. New Zealand: New Zealanders takes tea as one of the greatest comforts of life. Numerous institutions, schools and factories have tea time.

6. Mali: Mali people prefer to drink tea after meals.

7. Russia: In winter, Russian often adds liqueur in tea to prevent colds.

8. Egypt: The Egyptians often drink sweet tea.

9. North Africa: North Africans like to drink mint tea.

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