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Why Is Microwave Drying Equipment Necessary for Food

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Microwave equipment can be sterilized for different items processing,including packaged, unpackaged commodities:
1.Grain products: bread, moon cake, noodles, tofu and so on.
2.Vegetables: kimchi, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and so on.
3.Fruits: lychee, longan and so on.
4.Dairy products, condiments, flavors and fragrances, instant noodles soup, hot pot seasoning and a variety of liquid.
Microwave heating sterilization technology has been extended to the manufacture of industrial microwave heating equipment, to meet the food processing industry, food cooking and processing, sterilization preservation.
What's more,the Microwave Drying Wquipment also can be applied to rubber curing, reclaimed rubber desulfurization;dyeing and fixing textile;chemical fiber products stereotypes, dry dehydration;fur, paper and cosmetics drying, sterilization; film and other coatings dehydration; tobacco baking; Chinese medicines or products for drying sterilization; sand billet curing drying, graphite materials, ceramic heating and other industries.
Many enterprises have produced good economic benefits through microwave drying and sterilizing equipment in China. This good trend will surely promote the development of food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.