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The Application of Microwave in the Processing of Peony

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Since ancient times, peony is the flower of love, or a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The rhizome of the peony can be used in medicine, especially in the beauty of women. In recent years, the peony has been popular, and its price has been rising year by year.

Processing equipment has played a pivotal role in the processing of peony.

It is understood that the quality of peony often be affect by the storage environment, temperature, humidity and other factors in the processing and storing.

Drying equipment and insecticide equipment ensured the safety of medicinal herbs.

Drying insecticidal equipment played a key role. In recent years, microwave drying insecticidal equipment become the best choice of peony drying for the low energy consumption, fast drying speed and high efficiency.

Microwave drying is a new type of drying method. The microwave does not need heat conduction, the heating speed is very fast. Microwave heating is even, so it will not burn the peony.

Microwave can also kill all kinds of fungi and bug eggs, ensure the safety of peony.

We have many kinds of microwave machine. If you need further information, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you.