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Orange Peel: A New Material to Replace Crude Oil

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Nowdays, world almost entirely relies on materials and chemical products made from non-renewable fossil fuel, so many countries are actively studying biofuels, such as sucrose and fatty acids. Biofuels can be renewable as energy for sustainable development. The essential oil extracted from orange peel is full of chemicals is one of the latest and most high-profile research results.

Essential oils extracted from orange peel are made up of 95% of the limonene molecules. Limonene is a kind of liquid hydrocarbons. It’s boiling points is similar to the chemical compound extracted from fossil fuels. So that fossil fuel processing techniques can be used in the processing of limonene. Researchers will have the opportunity to develop a range of chemical transformations to produce a wide range of products.

In the extraction of limonene, researchers also have made further progress. Traditional limonene extraction mainly relies on distillation, and recently researchers have developed a more environmentally microwave extraction method.

The microwave extraction method is more time-saving than the traditional distillation, and the extracted limonene is superior to the traditional method in quality and quantity.

We have many kinds of microwave machine. If you need further information, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you.