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Common Sterilization Methods for Food

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1. Ultra-high pressure sterilization technology
Put food into the liquid, under the effect of 100~1000mpa pressure a certain period of time, so that the food will be sterilized.

2. Low-temperature sterilization
Low-temperature usually use the temperature below 100 ℃.

3. pasteurization method
Pasteurization refers to a lower temperature of the heat treatment method. It is an ancient technology, pioneered by the French doctor Pasteur in the 19th century. This method still has a certain application value.

4. Ultra-high temperature sterilization
Ultra-high temperature sterilization can be achieved in an instant sterilization purposes. The sterilization effect is good.

5. Microwave Sterilization
Microwave sterilization has many features, like strong penetrating power, energy saving, high heating efficiency, wide range of applications. Microwave sterilization is easy to control, heating uniformity, stay the nutrition, color and taste of food. Microwave sterilization is mainly used in meat, fish, soy products, milk, fruit and beer sterilization.

6, Ultraviolet disinfection
The germicidal effect of ultraviolet rays is to induce degeneration of the cytoplasm.

7, Ozone sterilization
Ozone is sterilization is a high-tech food sterilization technology.

8. Resistance heating sterilization
Resistance heating sterilization is also called ohmic sterilization, is a new method of thermal sterilization.