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Sintering Methods of Zirconia Ceramics

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Zirconia ceramics have many sintering methods, such as hot-pressing sintering, hot isostatic pressing sintering and microwave sintering, etc.

1.Conventional sintering:
Conventional sintering is the most commonly used in the production of ceramic sintering method. It is generally used in the traditional electric furnace.

2.Hot-pressing sintering
Hot-pressing sintering uses a dedicated thermal compressor at high temperature single-phase or double phase pressure.
Hot-pressing sintering can only produce simple shape products, at the same time, the microstructure after hot-pressing sintering has anisotropy, which leads to the anisotropy of the performance, and limits its use range.

3.Hot isostatic pressing sintering
Hot isostatic pressing sintering technology has high requirements on packaging material and technology, so it is usually used to manufacture ceramic products with simple shape.

4.Microwave sintering
Microwave heating is different from the conventional heating mode, it is to use the dielectric loss of ceramic materials in the microwave electromagnetic field to increase the material temperature, so as to realize the sintering of ceramics.
Microwave can achieve low temperature and rapid sintering, improve the mechanical properties of ceramic materials remarkably.