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Generally hot air circulation oven heating pipe a circulation fan oven can be called hot air circulation oven the oven because no matter what the structure wind horizontal or vertical in the final analysis are the hot air inside the loop it can be known as a hot air circulation oven such as electric blast oven high-temperature sterilization oven door. But generally referred to in the industry circulating hot air oven or oven most especially as shown in figure the other oven is evolved from the oven on the map such as with high-temperature sterilization requirements air-cooled centrifugal fan into circulation fan front and rear door duct also made a change it becomes a high-temperature sterilization oven door. Shown hot air cycle is divided into five standard models. They are single door cycling two two cars two four-car three six vehicles four eight vehicles.

Hot air circulating oven works

Hot air circulating oven air circulation system uses fans circulating air supply uniform and efficient air circulation. Wind source is circulating air motor (using non-contact switch) driven by the wind wheel heater but the hot air sent and then through the air duct to the oven chamber and then use air intake duct after becoming once again circulating air source heating use. Make sure the room temperature uniformity. When the door switch operation caused due to temperature swings occur the air circulation system quickly restore the operating state until it reaches the set temperature value
Hot air circulation oven structure.

Capacity 60kg/time 120kg/batch 240kg/batch 100KG/batch 200KG/batch
Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380v 380v
Trays 24 48 96 48pcs 96pcs
Dimension 1600*1100*2150mm 2300*1200*2300mm 2300*2200*2300mm 2300*1200*2000mm 2300*2200*2000mm



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