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Shelf have refrigeration and heating functions, materials are freezing and drying in dry indoor complete, realizes the in situ freeze-drying, and production automation provide guarantee conditions.
1).The drying chamber door adopts the colorless transparent organic glass door, which can observe the whole process of the freeze drying.
2).The machine control system can save 36 freeze-dried scheme, each freeze dry scheme can set period of 40 temperature parameter values. Freeze dry the material again lyophilized, direct transfer of the corresponding freeze-dried scheme to improve the freeze drying efficiency
3).The shelf temperature is adjustable and controllable, can explore, test and production process.
4)The control system automatically records the data and generates the freeze drying curve, which can output the freeze drying data and the freeze drying curve through the USB interface. In the control interface through the function keys, the real-time and historical data and the freeze drying curve can be viewed.
5).Liquid crystal display window, curve and digital display working time, condenser temperature, temperature, sample temperature, vacuum degree.

Machine Photos:

Model HT-DGJ0.6
Dry area 0.6㎡
Barrier layer 6
Partition  temperature range -50℃~+70℃
Catch water capacity ≥10KG/24h
Power 4.8kw
Weight 450kg
Dimension 890*670*1410mm



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