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This machine is for lab scale,and it can dry the liquid into fine powder directly with no effect to material activity.It suits all solutions and suspension etc,and no need the filtering,concentration and crushing process before drying.

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Model HT-QIMO-8000T
Inlet air temperature adjustable from room temperature to 300℃
Outlet air temperature Room temperature to 140℃
Evaporation 2000ml/H
Max. feeding rate 2000ml/H
Power of electric heater 4.5kw AC220V Single phase to ground
Fan 0.4KW Max. air
Volume 5.5m3/min
Max. air pressure 686Pa
Operation pressure of compressed air 2-5 Bar
Air compressor 0.6kw
Max.air output 4.2m3/h
Size of the machine( L*W*H) 770*590*1380(mm)
Nozzle dia standard 0.75mm



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