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The small-sized spray dryer is designed and manufactured by absorbing international advanced technology,  whose design is compact and can be moved. The major components and electrical parts are imported from famous brands. It can be used without any auxiliary equipment, and the machine is a whole, portable, self-contained one.  Moreover, it also adopts PLC controller and touch-screen display. It is mainly for processing the fluid of high liquidity.
1.Spray, drying chamber and collecting devices all adopt transparent high-quality glass, which is a kind of high-temp resisting, high-borosilicate glass material, to provide stable environment without pollution. All glass components are easy to disassemble and clean. 
2.Visual process of spray drying experiment , easy to control and detect and solve problems timely. 
3.Built-in imported oil-free air compressor; powder particles diameter is normally distributed with good liquidity and low noise which is less than 60 db, according with national standards for laboratory.
4.Two-fluid spray of atomized structure, made of stainless steel 316. 
5.Adopt PID for the temperature controller with ±1℃ heating temperature control accuracy.
6.The feeding amount can be adjustable by peristaltic pump. 
7.Jet device can automatically dredge (needle) and frequency can be adjusted. when the nozzle is blocked , the machine can automatically remove the obstacles in order to ensure the continuity of the experiment. 7. Automatic and manual modes, PLC control, color touch-screen display, all the parameters have a liquid crystal display (LCD).
8. With protection function, the heater will not work without the fan working.
9. Uniform granularity of the finished products. More than 95% of the died powder has the same particle size range.
10. When connected to the outer electric brake, the machine can be used without any auxiliary equipment.

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Model HT-RY-1500
Inlet Temperature 30 ℃ ~300℃
Outlet Temperature 30 ℃ ~140℃
Water Evaporation Capacity 1500mL/H ~ 2000mL/h
Max Inlet Amount 2000ml/h
Min Inlet Amount 50mL
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Average drying time 1.0~1.5S
Power 3kw
Voltage 220v
Dimension 1200*650*500mm



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