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Design Structure
1.All parts of equipment are made of high quality microwave electric components:
1)It use 8 pieces of water cooled magnetrons which is original Korea Samsung [model OM75P - 11] (rated power 1050 w) high efficiency strong ability to resist load long life (more than 7000 hours).In order to protect the stability and service life of the magnetron better use water cooling protection design of me
tal ring sleeve type.
2)Using microwave high voltage transformer used in industry it is manufactured by jiangsu changzhou tiancheng company. Each transformer are coil of all copper core each one weighs more than 7 kg. In order to protect transformer better it uses DP200A axial flow fan for heat protectionwhich is produced by the Taiwan SUNON fan company.
3)High voltage capacitor adopts the ultra-high voltage capacitance which is produced by Ningbo Blue Color TV Let Co.LTD. model specifications for (1.05uf 2500V).It is more stable and durable than conventional capacitor(1.0uf  2300V).
4)Its (CL04-12) high voltage silicon rectifier stack (its chip is made in Japan)  is produced by the Taiwan Factory Long Technology Co.LTD.Its repetitive peak reverse voltage can reach12kvpositive commutating current can reach 450 mAand tested by practicedurable in usecompletely suitable for the microwave equipment required.
2.The way of transiting microwave energy:
sed on the characteristics of the material and related experience on the microwave power density distribution of the heater USES the uniform distribution so as to achieve rapid heating temperature the uniformity of sterilization and facilitate material.
2)All the magnetrons are placed on top of the box specific magnetron distribution design is as follows: a total of 8 original samsung magnetron five microwave sterilization box;Each section box four magnetron a total of 8 magnetrons.
3.Equipment materials:
It Use 518 mm cabinet design process because of the material in the process of sterilization will heat up adopt the design can be beneficial to reduce the surface temperature of microwave sterilization cabinet wall and is advantageous to the feed way of microwave emission from the ideal.
4.Microwave power supply designment:
1)Microwave generator at the top transformer capacitor set in after the heating box greatly reduce the electrical components working environment temperature extending the service life of the original microwave tube and transformer core to ensure that the equipment to be stable running 24 hours a day.
2)The display and maintenance for the convenience of transformer design is placed in the back of my each sterilization cabinet to increase the width of the rear power rack when installation and maintenance and convenient operation.
5.The Exclusion wet and heat system: Design separate platoon is wet and heat removal system the platoon is wet fan with a 1.1 KW high-pressure high-speed centrifugal fan platoon is wet platoon is wet fan can quickly reduce the body temperature and moisture away material.Heat removal of axial flow fan is mainly used for microwave electric double heat protection reduce electrical appliances working environment temperature prolong its service life.
6.Transmission system:
1) Of the nanjing control motor co. LTD three-phase asynchronous motor to transport material and USES the dalian speed regulation through frequency conversion governor can be adjusted accordingly to meet the need of drying speed specific speed range is 0 to 2 m/min is adjustable.
2)According to characteristics of materials use of conveyor belt of food-grade teflon cloth pattern as the material carrier;Conveyor belt guard devices are designed.
3)Conveyor belt adopts automatic adjusting device of motor.
7.Equipment installation:
 Equipment adopts modular design in many segments assembly design easy to transport and on-site installation of equipment can complete assembly order quickly.

The Control System
1.The machine feed end microwave limiter set on the control panel () beautiful and easy the conventional control system design the power of the engine transmission speed can be the operation of the heating temperature and other relevant control.
2.In section 5 of microwave heater is equipped with a German PuShi technology company (LT - 05) an infrared radiation thermometer a total of one.In order to timely monitor material in the process of sterilization temperature adjust the microwave power control the temperature of the material.

Major Dispositions
1) The heating cavity and outside fr
ame and plates are all made of No.304 stainless steel material.
3) Can feed mouths are sealed by PTFE which is specially made
4) 8 pieces of water cooled magnetrons which are original Korea Samsung [model OM75P - 31] (rated power 1050 w)
5)8 pieces of special microwave high voltage power supply from Jiangsu Changzhou (WBL)
6)One set of infrared temperature measurement system(LT-05) made by Raytek Inc in America
7)8 pieces of high voltage silicon rectifier stack (its chip is made in Japan) (CL04-12) produced by Taiwan Factory Long Technology Co.LTD
8)8 pieces of axial flow fan for heat protection produced by the Taiwan SUNON.
9)One set of overall control system
10)One set of More wing type centrifugal platoon wet fan.
11)One set of Nanjing motor company frequency control of motor speed control
12)One set of High quality conveyor belt of food-grade teflon cloth pattern
13)2 sets of spare electrical components (including the special transformer magnetron capacitance silicon stack temperature switch) 

Voltage 380V±6%
Microwave Output Power 6KW
Input Power 9 KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L9390*W760*H1650mm
Capacity 6kg/h

We can design machines according to customers' need.The following is the other brief technical parameters of some common models:
Model HT-WB12S HT-WB26S HT-WB45S HT-WB120S
Voltage 380V±8% 380V±10% 380V±10% 380V±10%
Microwave Output Power 12KW 26KW 45KW 90KW
Input Power 18KW 30KW 58KW 120KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L7200*W900*H1850mm L8500*W1000*H1850mm L16500*W1200*H1850mm L17500*W1500*H1850mm
Capacity 12kg/h 250kg/h 450kg/h 90 kg/h



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