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Ⅰ.Design Structure
1.All parts of equipment are made of high quality electric components. It use4 pieces of magnetrons which is original Korea Samsung [model OM75P] (rated power 1050 w), because the magnetron use the alumina ceramic sealed nozzle, make it have the features: high temperature resistance, high efficiency, strong ability to resist load, long life and reliable operation stability. (more than 5000 hours, magnetron cooling fan was imported from Japan).Adopt the overheating protection and special transformer DY - 1000W (high voltage 100KV high quality transformer), adopt the Japan centrifugal fan, air cooled double heat protection device - and most microwave manufacturer uses axial flow fan! Configuration can bear 100KV high voltage capacitor, silicon stack and high reliability and precision electronic circuit design system to make sure the machine microwave output power is more than 3KW (adjustable). The debugging of all electrical parts and mechanical process is stable, reliable, accurate and reasonable to ensure the continuous production!

2. The machinemake by high quality food grade stainless steel wire drawing board, the polyhedron heating chamber (304 # stainless steel 1.5mm), the floor of heating chamber is strengthened to guarantee sustainable weight. Microwave output ia made of teflon plate and special sealing materials, feed mouth is carefully designed phase complementary type, so as to ensure the normal operation of magnetron completely, the output matching performance is superior, the material can be heated more uniform and thoroughly, moreover, also can lengthen the service life of magnetron, transformer and other core components.

3. The frame and outside guarding board are made of full stainless steel material.

4. The design and manufacturing process of the machine strive to be beautiful, practical and reasonable. the equipment enclosure equipped with large opening choke of the door automatic power chain protection functions to avoid microwave leak proof door, also facilitate cleaning and watching, you can use the water to directly wash heating box.Microwave generator and the power part have the exhaust heat cooling device.

5.There are natural air inlet under the heating chamber,wet removal fan is installed on the top of it.

6. The feed mouth of microwave is in the upper of the material.

Ⅱ.The Control System
1. The machine has a total control panel, appearance is beautiful and  generous.

2. It is equipped with one set of infrared thermometer produced by (LT -05) Germany's European PuShi company. The temperature measuring instrument is high precision and strong anti-jamming capability. Users can set the temperature of upper and lower (such as control of 60-110 ℃) according to need, in order to timely monitor temperature in the process of heating material, automatically adjust the microwave power, timely control the temperature of the material, as well as the display of electrical components damage.

3. One set of time lag control system and one set of  intermittent working hours system.

Ⅲ.Major Dispositions
1) The heating cavity are made of stainless steel plate.

2) Can feed mouths are sealed by PTFE which is specially made.

3) 4 pieces of industrial magnetrons, which are original Korea Samsung [model OM75P] (rated power 1050 w).

4) 4 pieces of special transformer (WBL).

5) 4 pieces of high voltage capacitor (1.05uf,2500 v).

7) 4 pieces of high voltage silicon rectifier stack (CL04-12).

8) 8 pieces of axial flow fan for heat protection.

9) Axial exhaust heat fan and wet removal fan.

10) One set of infrared thermometer produced by (LT -05) Germany's European PuShi company.

11) One set of time controller

Voltage 380V±6%, or 2 phase 220V±6%
Microwave Output Power ≥3KW
Input Power ≤5 KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension 950*850*1150mm
Plate Diameter Φ400 mm
Capacity 30kg/h



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