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Design Structure
1.All parts of equipment are made of high quality microwave electric components
 A. It use 26 pieces of water cooled magnetrons which is original Korea Samsung [model OM75P] (rated power 1000 w) high efficiency strong ability to resist load long life. In order to protect the stability and service life of the magnetron better use water cooling protection design of metal ring sleeve type.
B. It adopts special transformer WBL with overheating protection (high voltage 100 kv transformer high quality transformer for full copper core 8.0 kg of a real transformer industry).

2.The distribution design of microwave power
1) According to the characteristics of microwave drying the power density of the microwave heater is adopted to strengthen the microwave distribution mode;
2)The chamber of the machine is designed to be 4 boxes 26 magnetron.
3.The machine adopts multi-open feed of heating body side well-designed phase form complementary feed mouth (microwave power density designed according to the feeding situation) microwave waveguide is designed after a large number of theory and practices so as to ensure the normal and complete operation of magnetronwith superior output matching performance the materials heated more evenly and thoroughlyextend the service life of the core components such as microwave tube and transformer etc.
4.The material of the machine:
Special use of 518 mm high box design process because the material in the heating and drying process will heat up the use of this design can help reduce the microwave heating the wall surface temperature of the box and is conducive to the way of the ideal microwave feed distance.
Microwave heating drying box with 1.5 mm (± 0.2) all stainless steel plate production a total of 4 dry sterilization box. Microwave output port with PTFE plate and special materials sealed. The front side of the device has a visual observation window to prevent microwave leakage easy to observe the material and cleaning in order to ensure the safety of the operator with a special door open power protection device. Can be washed with water heating box; machine roller are made of stainless steel easy to disassemble and cleaning spacing 250mm or so. Appearance and the main frame are made of all stainless steel beautiful and generous.
5.The microwave power rack designment:
1)the microwave generator at the top transformers capacitors installed in the heating box the electrical components greatly reduce the working environment temperature extend the microwave tube and transformers and other core original life to ensure that the equipment to run 24 hours stable.
2) in order to facilitate the placement and maintenance of the transformer specially designed for each heating box in the rear of the way to increase the width of the rear power supply rack installation and maintenance can be convenient to operate.
6.The moisture and heat rejection system:
Design a separate dehumidification and exhaust system using a multi-wing centrifugal fan for a row of wetting and a number of axial fan exhaust (rear power supply exhaust). Drain the fan can quickly reduce the temperature of the box and take away part of the material moisture. Improve and ensure that the ambient temperature inside the electrical box to achieve and ensure that equipment can be long-term continuous and stable work.
7.The transmission system:
1)the use of Nanjing-controlled motor Co. Ltd. three-phase asynchronous motor for material transmission and the use of frequency converter speed control according to the sterilization temperature needs to adjust the corresponding speed the specific speed range of 0-5 m / Adjustable points.
2)according to the characteristics of materials special use of food grade PTFE tape as a material carrier.
3)the transmission belt with automatic positioning device.
4)the installation of stainless steel hopper device (100L) frequency control the output end with closed hopper.
8.Machine assembling:
Equipment modular design multi-segment assembly design easy to transport equipment and to the scene when the installation can be quickly and orderly assembly.

The Control System
1.There are PLC man-machine interface automatic control system on the front of the microwave suppressor.You can control the power transmission speed drying temperature and other operations easily.
2. It is equipped with one set of infrared radiation thermometer((LT-05)) produced by German company in section 4 of microwave heater so as to timely monitor material temperature during the drying and sterilizing and correspondingly adjust the microwave power control the temperature of the material.

Major Dispositions
1) The heating cavity are made of stainless steel plate.
2) Can feed mouths are sealed by PTFE which is specially made.
3) 26 pieces of water cooled magnetrons which are original Korea Samsung or Toshiba (rated power 1000 w).
4) 26 pieces of special transformer (1000w).
5) One set of infrared radiation thermometer(LT-05) produced by German Optris company.
6) One set of individual PLC man - machine interface automatic control console.
7) Using National Standard Control Line Wires.
8) one set of multi-wing centrifugal box exhaust fan (due to transport reasons the corresponding PVC duct from the match).
9) One set of control motor(0.75KW).
10)One piece of high quality food grade PTFE conveyor belt.
11) Two sets of spare electrical components (including the special transformer magnetronect.)
12) Customer self-matching items:PP duct some cables the total air switch.

Voltage 380V±10%
Microwave Output Power 26KW
Input Power 30KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L8500*W1000*H1850mm
Capacity 250kg/h

We can design machines according to customers' need.The following is the other brief technical parameters of some common models:
Voltage 380V±6%
380V±8% 380V±10% 380V±10% 380V±10%
Microwave Output Power 6KW 12KW 26KW 45KW 90KW
Input Power 9 KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L9390*W760*H1650mm

Capacity 6kg/h 12kg/h 250kg/h
90 kg/h



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