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Design Structure
1. All parts of equipment are made of high quality microwave electric components.There are 9 chambers in total.It use 45 pieces of water cooled magnetrons which is original Korea Samsung [model OM75P] (rated power 1050 w), high efficiency, strong ability to resist load, long life. In order to protect the stability and service life of the magnetron better, use water cooling protection design of metal ring sleeve type.
    It adopts special transformer WBL with overheating protection (high voltage 100 kv transformer, high quality transformer for full copper core 8.0 kg of a real transformer industry).
    CL04-12 high-voltage silicon stack (its chip is made in Japan), the reverse repetitive peak voltage can reach 12kv, positive commutation current is 450mA, and checked by practice, durable, entirely suitable for microwave equipment.
2. According to material features and related test data,it adapt the intensity distribution to distribute the microwave power density,so that the temperature of the material can be set at random according to the requirements.You can also control the drying or sterilizing time.The sterilization will be more equably,more thoroughly.
3.The machine adopts multi-open feed of heating body side, well-designed phase form complementary feed mouth (microwave power density designed according to the feeding situation), microwave waveguide is designed after a large number of theory and practices, so as to ensure the normal and complete operation of magnetron,with superior output matching performance, the materials heated more evenly and thoroughly,extend the service life of the core components such as microwave tube and transformer etc.
4. The chamber is made of 1.5 mm high quality stainless steel.There are 9 chambers in total.Each box plate configuration before two axial flow fan, plate reinforcement.Ptfe using microwave output board and special packing material.As a whole stainless steel production, the machine appearance design also equipment technology, strive for long-term and beautiful appearance and durable!Our equipment can achieve QS food industry and pharmaceutical industry GMP standards.The machine design and manufacturing process to beautiful and practical and reasonable, the equipment each box assembled with the door automatic power chain protection functions stainless steel plate choke door, easy to clean, wash water direct heating box.Machine roller were made with stainless steel, easy disassembly and cleaning, each box 4 grassroots roller.
5.Our unique design magnetron, transformer separation technology, microwave generator set on the heater, and the transformer, capacitor set in after the heater (other manufacturer is basic it is to put the magnetron, transformers and other electrical components above the heater, because microwave heating temperature of the casing is general in more than 40 degrees, the casing of the hot steam and heat are the system.after the gathered themselves together, and this seriously affected the service life of the electrical components and speed up the copper wire aging! Our company is the disadvantage of this design increases the equipment cover an area of an area, because the entire equipment enclosure appearance about 400 mm is widened, this also leads to the increased cost of equipment plate!)This makes the layout of the equipment of electronic devices and circuit specification, easy to maintenance.And significantly reduce electrical components working environment temperature and prolong the service life of the microwave tube and transformer core, such as the original.To ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous operation is stable and reliable.Line do label with clear identification.
6.It adopts single platoon is wet and heat removal system, and to facilitate material platoon is wet, and the safe reliability of the equipment.The platoon is wet drainage system equipped with 1 3 kw high pressure centrifugal fan.
7.Using magnetron;Transformer separation technology, which greatly reduces the working environment temperature, electrical components to extend the service life of the microwave tube and transformer core, such as the original.To ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous operation is stable and reliable.
8.Using high quality food grade chain plate conveyor belts, specifications for about 33000 x 608 x 15 mm(length, width, thickness), durable, not wandering.
9.There are stop device on the head and tail of the equipment.The tail drive motor running backwards and adding guard board.

The Control System
1. The machine setting the separate total control console placed on the suppressor (adopt the conventional control system design),this could control the power of the engine, transmission speed, heating temperature and other relevant the overall machine control.
2. It is equipped with a set of infrared radiation thermometer produced by (LT -s) company in section 9 of microwave heater, so as to timely monitor material temperature during the drying and sterilizing, and correspondingly adjust the microwave power, control the temperature of the material.

Major Dispositions
1) The heating cavity are made of stainless steel plate.
2) Can feed mouths are sealed by PTFE which is specially made.
3) 45 pieces of water cooled magnetrons, which are original Korea Samsung [model OM75P] (rated power 1050 w).
4) 45 pieces of special transformer (1000w).
5) One set of infrared radiation thermometer produced by (LT -s) company
6) 45 pieces of high voltage capacitor (1.05uf,2500 v).
7) 45 pieces of high voltage silicon rectifier stack (CL04-12).
8) 45 pieces of axial flow fan for heat protection.
9) One set of more wing type centrifugal fan
10) One set of 750w Frequency conversion motor
11)Two sets of spare electrical components (including the special transformer, magnetron, capacitance, silicon stack,separately two sets)
12)Users need to buy a strip of 50 square cable, a200A residual current circuit breaker, moisture removal duct.

Voltage 380V±10%
Microwave Output Power 45KW
Input Power 58KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L16500*W1200*H1850mm
Capacity 450kg/h

We can design machines according to customers' need.The following is the other brief technical parameters of some common models:
Voltage 380V±8% 380V±10% 380V±6% 380V±10%
Microwave Output Power 12KW 26KW 6KW 90KW
Input Power 18KW 30KW 9 KW 120KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L7200*W900*H1850mm L8500*W1000*H1850mm L9390*W760*H1650mm L17500*W1500*H1850mm
Capacity 12kg/h 250kg/h 6kg/h 90 kg/h



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