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Design Structure
1.System Composition: microwave generator system, microwave suppression system, conveying system, control and test system, wet and heat removal system and feed inlet and outlet platform, etc.
2.Control System:
A. Control Mode:According to the craft interlock control. The far infrared thermometer will monitor the automatic interlock control in the production. It will display the working state and total output power of magnetron,  it can show the exact location of each of the magnetron tube on the device and the working condition on the table. This made the monitor clear at a glance.Maintenance is convenient;
   According to the process of material monitoring system, a chain (dry material use microwave automatic switch, there is expected to start, will automatically shut down when there is no materials, the drying craft of each product can be connected to computer programming to facilitate drying process operation, can set up multiple drying process).
B. Monitor temperature (first stage) type, location and equipment specification:The raytek non-contact infrared thermometer, LT, S, one set.
C. Temperature measurement range and precision: 0-500ºC precision±5ºC
D. Microwave power regulation scope:90KW  segmented,adjustable and controllable
E. Others:Door switch protection 11 PM (interlocks will open the oven door in working state to protect  outage ).
3.Operating Environment:
A.Voltage:3 Phase 380V±10%, 50HZ±10%
B. Total Power:about 120KVA
C. Environmental Temperature:-0-40ºC
D. Relative humidity:≤80%
4.Microwave System:
(1)Microwave Working Frequency:2450MHZ±50HZ
(2)Power of Microwave:90KW(adjustable)
(3)Microwave Case Number:11, Each case has a wet and heat removal mouth to speed up the  the effect of drying materials.
(4)Total electric appliances are 110 sets.In order to keep moisture to evaporate faster and not stop the conveyor, specially design electric intensity distribution.Material can achieve effectively the effect of heating itself in drying and heating to achieve the the effect of energy saving and cooling.
(5)Microwave drying cabinets are 11, adopt the 2.0 mm (±0.2 mm) 304 stainless steel materials (cabinet is reinforcement), main frame is made of 202 stainless steel square tube .Outside the plate adopt the 1.0 mm (±0.2 mm) 201 # stainless steel material.
(6)Microwave Feed Inlet Part:feed imlet from the upside cabinet.
(7)Minimum Separation between Feed Mouth:>=24db
(8)Microwave Feed into Wave Ratio:≤1.6
(9)Mouth of the Microwave Suppressor:250mm
(10)Air-cooled Magnetron
(11)The methods and standard of microwave leakage and detection: microwave leak: meet the national GB10436-89 standard, ≤5mw/cm², meet GB5226 electrical safety standards.
(12)All parts of equipment are made of high quality microwave electric components:
A. It use 110 pieces of water cooled magnetrons which is original Korea Samsung [model OM75P] (rated power 1050 w), good cooling effect, and the distribution of magnetron is sparse, the heat dissipation space is large.
B. It adopts special transformer WBL-1000A with overheating protection (high voltage 100 kv transformer, high quality transformer for full copper core 8.0 kg of a real transformer industry).
C. The specifications of ultra-high voltage capacitor is (1.05 uf 2500 v) and more stable and durable than the conventional (1.0 uf 2300 v) performance.
D. (CL04-12) high-voltage silicon stack (its chip is made in Japan), the reverse repetitive peak voltage can reach 12kv, positive commutation current is 450mA, and checked by practice, durable, entirely suitable for microwave equipment.
E. Adopt the 518mm cabinet design process.The microwave output use PTFE board and special material sealing.Equipment positive with visual observation window to prevent microwave leak, facilitate to observe material and cleaning, in order to ensure the safety of operator, design especially a automatic power-off protection device when open the door.Stainless steel pipe materials, easy disassembly and cleaning, distance is about 250 mm.Outside the web use the 1.0 mm (±0.2 mm) full stainless steel material, it is beautiful and generous.
F. Transmission system:
a.Transmission speed:0-10m/min(adjustable)
b.The transmission line form, size, material and function is durable and not wandering.
(13)Wet removal system:The equipment is set up 11 wet mouths at the upside .Need to install 3 sets high pressure low speed centrifugal fan to remove the wet, and can reduce the temperature of the material to ensure better drying effect, strengthen removing wet at the bottom of the material.
(14) In order to ensure the uniformity of material in the drying process and dry effect, and especially adopt the wide body, low microwave density way design, more conform to the requirements of the material characteristics of the drying and low temperature drying process.

Control System:
The machine set up a separate console on discharging suppressor to make the switch operation convenient (using Siemens PLC man-machine interface touch screen automatic control system).it can control the power of the whole machine, transmission speed, heating temperature control.(including transport system, wet removal system, temperature display system, electrical work).
On the top of the microwave heating box section 11, install raytek infrared temperature control system is a set of each, one set.Monitor and automatically control of material in the process of heating drying temperature.To prevent material temperature too high to effect the material quality.

Major Dispositions:
(1) 2.0 mm (±0.2 mm) 304 material stainless steel heating box.The main frame is made of 202 stainless steel square tube.1.0 mm (±0.2 mm) 201 material, stainless steel web.
(2)Can feed mouths are sealed by PTFE which is specially made.
(3)110 pieces of water cooled magnetrons, which are original Korea Samsung [model OM75P] (rated power 1050 w).
(4)110 pieces of special transformer (DY-36).
(5)a set of infrared radiation thermometer produced by (LT -s) company.
(6)110 pieces of high voltage capacitor (1.05uf,2500 v).
(7)110pieces of high voltage silicon rectifier stack (CL04-12).
(8)One set Frequency conversion motor.
(9)Siemens PLC man-machine interface touch screen automatic control system.
(10)Magnetron air-cooled heat protection system
(11)3 sets more wing type centrifugal fan
(12)set more wing type centrifugal fan
(13)5 sets of spare electrical components (including the special transformer, magnetron, capacitance, silicon stack,temperature switch).

Voltage 380V±10%
Microwave Output Power 90KW
Input Power 120KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L17500*W1500*H1850mm
Capacity 90 kg/h

We can design machines according to customers' need.The following is the other brief technical parameters of some common models:
Voltage 380V±8% 380V±10% 380V±6% 380V±10%
Microwave Output Power 12KW 26KW 6KW 45KW
Input Power 18KW 30KW 9 KW 58KW
Microwave Working Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ 2450MHZ±50HZ
Overall Dimension L7200*W900*H1850mm L8500*W1000*H1850mm L9390*W760*H1650mm L16500*W1200*H1850mm
Capacity 12kg/h 250kg/h 6kg/h 450kg/h



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