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How to Dry in Chemical Industry

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Microwave drying equipment is a necessity in chemical industry.
The advantages of microwave drying equipment:
1.Heating speed:
Conventional heating (such as flame, hot air, electric heat, steam) is transfering heat to the surface of the object, and then gradually makes conduction of heat to center, which can cost a lot of time.
Microwave heating is an internal heating mode, the electromagnetic energy directly transfers the media molecules into heat, no heat conduction.
2.Even heating:
Regardless of the shape, the microwaves are able to penetrate evenly and produce heat, so the uniformity is greatly improved.
3.Energy saving:
Heated materials are generally placed in a metal heating chamber, the heating chamber is a closed cavity for the electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic waves can not be leaked, can only be absorbed by heated objects, so the thermal is higher efficiency. At the same time the workplace environment temperature will not rise, the production environment has improved significantly.
4.Easy to control:
Microwave power is controlled by the switch, the power can be adjustable continuously.
When the food and medicine are processed and dried, the microwave equipment can quickly sterilize at a relatively low temperature, and maintain the nutrient content and the original color of food.

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