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The Functions of Propolis

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The main ingredients of propolis are flavonoids, terpene, organic acids, aromatic aldehydes and a variety of amino acid enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc. It has many effects.

The functions of Propolis:

1, Propolis has an inhibitory effect on tumor.

2, Propolis can regulate blood sugar, improve diabetes symptoms, prevention and treatment of diabetes complications.

3, Propolis can regulate blood lipids, reduce high cholesterol, triglyceride and low density protein.

4, Propolis can improve the immune function of organism, increase disease resistance ability.

5, Propolis can be antibacterial, anti-virus, antifungal.

6, Propolis can resist allergy, anti-radiation, resist mutation, Anti-Fatigue, anti-oxidation, anti-aging.

7, Propolis can resist ulcer, protect ulcer surface, promote necrotic tissue to fall off, promote tissue regeneration and repair.

11, Propolis can soften blood vessels, enhance blood vessel tension and reduce vascular fragility.

12, Propolis can activate blood stasis, reduce blood viscosity, reduce erythrocyte, platelet aggregation, reduce thrombosis, prevent atherosclerosis, improve microcirculation.

13, Propolis can strengthen the cell membrane, activate cells, regulate the activity of a variety of enzymes.

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