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Application of Microwave Extraction in the Process of Chemical Equilibrium Separation

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The process of chemical equilibrium separation is to make homogeneous mixture system into two-phase system with the aid of separation medium, and then to separate the components in the mixture according to unequal distribution in phase equilibrium. For example: evaporation, distillation, absorption, adsorption, extraction, leaching, drying, crystallization, ion exchange,etc.

In the process of traditional extraction, its energy is passed to the extractant irregularly, then the extractant spreads to the matrix material. Finally, the matrix dissolves many components to diffuse out.

Microwave extraction is a new technology to improve the efficiency of microwave energy extraction. There are different dielectric constants, the degree of absorption in the microwave can be different, so the heat generated by the surrounding environment and the heat transfer of the difference.

The process of microwave extraction is mainly: pretreatment of raw materials (cleaning, crushing or slicing) → material mixing and solvent → microwave extraction → filtration → concentration → separation → extraction components