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New Sintering Methods of Tungsten Alloy

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High-density tungsten alloy has many advantages, such as good conductivity and thermal conductivity, and has been widely used in the national defense industry.

The traditional sintering method of high density tungsten alloy is liquid phase sintering. Liquid-phase sintering could lead to the collapse and deformation of tungsten alloys. Recently there have been some new sintering techniques.

1.Solid-phase sintering: The powder metallurgy sintering without liquid phase is done under the melting point of low melting point.

2. Two-step sintering: First, solid phase sintering below the low melting point of the liquid line temperature, then heating to the liquid phase of the liquid phase sintering.

3. Low-temperature activation Sintering: Reduce sintering activation energy, make sintering temperature decrease, sintering time can be shortened, burning structure performance can be improved.

4. Microwave Sintering: Microwave heating overcomes the disadvantages of the large loss of sintering driving force in traditional heating, improve the uniformity of temperature distribution, so that the internal thermal stress of the material is minimized. Microwave sintering have many advantages, such as the heating speed is fast, fine grain microstructure and uniformity, short production cycle, high energy utilization, without pollution.

5. Discharge Plasma Sintering: discharge plasma sintering can inhibit the growth of particles.