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The Orinciple of Freeze-Drying

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Freeze-drying originated in the art of vacuum freeze-drying in the 19th century, and has made great strides in the last two decades. As the accelerating pace of life, freeze-drying technology has been a golden opportunity for development.
The basic principle of freeze-drying is based on the three-state water changes. There are three-state of water, that is, solid, liquid and gas, the three states can both convert each other and can coexist.
In high vacuum, the sublimation principle can achieve the purpose of freeze-drying. Vacuum freeze-drying equipment can maintain food protein, vitamins and other nutrients.
Therefore, Vacuum freeze-drying equipment can keep the original nutrition components to the maximum extent, prevent the oxidation and the changes of the nutritional components effectively during the drying process.
The lyophilized products are sponge-like, no shrinkage, it save and transport for a long time at room temperature.
Freeze-drying technology is getting more people's attention, because vacuum freeze-drying has the advantages of other drying methods unparalleled in the pharmaceutical, biological products and food applications, and the technology is used  widely.
For serum, bacteria, bio-active substances such as Chinese and Western medicine and other biological products, vacuum freeze-drying technology can provide the possibility for preserving biological activity. Moreover, the products dried by the vacuum-freezing technique can well preserve the nutritional ingredients of raw materials, as well as the color, smell, taste and shape, which are undoubtedly very rare for food, and are particularly excellent in fast food.

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