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Do You Know the Extraction Method of Natural Spices?

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The extraction methods of natural spices include grinding, steam distillation, volatile solvent extraction, adsorption and so on. Spice products produced by various methods are following:
(1) Essential Oil - obtained by steam distillation or mechanical grinding natural flavors;
(2) Concrete - obtained by extraction with a volatile nonaqueous solvent, and removal of the solvent by evaporation;
(3) Absolute Oil - The Concrete is extracted repeatedly by ethanol, the extract is cooled and filtered, and the high concentration of perfume obtained after most of the ethanol is distilled off;
(4) Fragrance Oleoresin - a perfume product obtained by extracting the dry spice with a volatile, non-aqueous solvent and then evaporating the solvent.
Microwave radiation-induced extraction of plant-based natural flavors is a new achievement in industrial microwave applications. Compared with the conventional distillation and the extraction method, the method has the advantages of good quality, light color and pure texture, and the microwave radiation-induced extraction has the advantages of high efficiency, and high selectivity without destroying natural heat-sensitive substances.

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