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How to Prevent Your Wood From Being Bent

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Why wood will be bent?
Usually the moisture content of log is more than 50%, the equilibrium air moisture content of about 12% -15%, the water in the wood will run to the atmosphere. Finally the wood formed a bend.
Do not bend the wood, the drying process is essential.
Microwave drying is a method of drying from the inside, unlike traditional drying. Microwaves are a type of high-frequency electromagnetic wave at frequencies of 300 MHz to 30 MHz, so that water molecules move at high speeds in the wood and collide. Collision friction heat, water molecules will evaporate at a high temperature. Water inside the wood have become steam and run out, so as to achieve the purpose of drying wood.
However, microwaves are reflected, refracted, absorbed, penetrated and so on in the actual propagation, so the wood is a superposition of microwaves from all directions in the microwave field, which will allow the wood to dry evenly.