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Flashing Transparent Ceramics--An Important New Material

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Transparent ceramic is a new type of material which has developed rapidly in recent decades. Transparent ceramic can be divided into transparent structural ceramics and transparent functional ceramics. Transparent structure ceramics are mainly used in high-pressure sodium light tube, high temperature perspective window cover, transparent armor and so on.

Transparent functional ceramics are mainly used in laser, display technology, medicine and so on. Flashing transparent ceramics is one of the new materials with wide application prospect.

Transparent ceramic is easy to achieve mass production. It has great potential for application.

The forming of transparent ceramics is mainly through the sintering process.

Sintering methods contains:

(1) Vacuum and atmosphere sintering.

(2) Hot-pressing sintering.

(3) Microwave sintering. This is a rapid sintering technique for densification of materials heated to sintering temperature in microwave electromagnetic fields. The speed of microwave sintering is fast, thus avoiding the abnormal growth of ceramic grains in sintering process, and finally obtaining the high strength and high density transparent ceramics.

(4) Plasma sintering.